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Creamy Vegetables 0

Mixed veggies in white sauce

wanna try fantastic taste of steamed veggies in white sauce? try this!


Recipe by Noureen


Sooji Barfi 1

Easy to make semolina barfis

These easy to make barfis can be made quickly as a simple yet tasty sweet-dish. In Bengal, we even offer it as bhog to the Gods.

Srinwanti Paul

Recipe by Srinwanti Paul


Bombay Biryani 0

A local favorite

What dinner party in an South Asian household is complete without Biryani? and then there are so many regional variations to this popular dish, it is unlikely that you'll ever get bored. So here it is, a local favorite from Bombay (Western India). The number of ingredients here might shock you, but believe me --- everything counts.


Recipe by Rajiv Anand


Pithi ki roti 2

tasty punjabi parathas

these are yummy tasting easy to make parathas. children will love to have these as their tiffin...

Srinwanti Paul

Recipe by Srinwanti Paul


Pumpkin ki khatti sabzi 2

very tasty north indian sabzi

its delicious with parantha and rotis.You can also eat it with rice and skip dal.


Recipe by neeta


Amla groundnut chutney 1

amla (indian gooseberry) , a rich source of vitamin c is good for immunity . i added groundnuts to make the chutney tastier


Recipe by ipsita barik


Gushtaba 1

Delicate Mutton balls in Yoghurt gravy

It is an authentic kashmiri cuisine, generally served in marriages and special functions.




World Cuisines

As more and more people go around the world and bring the taste back home, sometime original and often times an adaptation of recipes from the world gets popular in India. Khana Khazana readers are always looking for creative and interesting recipes of world cuisine