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Adaraki Murgh

Chicken cooked with Ginger and spices

Recipe by VIKRAM SINGH of unnao, IN

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Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    • Chicken 1000 grams
    • mint leaves
    • Coriander Leaves
    • Yoghurt
    • Gram flour 50 grams
    • Ginger paste 100 grams
    • green chilli paste 50 grams
    • Kashmiri mirch 25 grams
    • turmuric 2 tea spoons
    • Tomato Chopped 2 For Gravy
    • ground Coriander 2 tea sp
    • Ground Cuimin     2 tea sp
    • ground Cinamon    half tea sp
    • bay leaves           2
    • Chat Masala         1 tea sp
    • Ground Fennel Seeds 1 tea sp
    • Ground CLoves  half tea sp


    1. firast of all wash the chicken nicely and make sure that you have chosen the medium size of chicken pieces. Now take a pan and add half of the youghurt 1/4 of the ginger paste, chopped mint leaves and all the spices apart from Turmuric, kashmiri mirch, fennel seeds ground and gram flour. slit the chicken n two places nicely apply the marination made in pan and leave in a cool and dry place so that the chicken can avail the marination properly. you can leae it for half an hour.
    2. on a side take a pan and add rest of the yoghurt, gram flour and rest of the spices along with ginger paste. do not add chat masala as it gives a bitter taste when burn. now aplly that mixutre on chicken pieces thoroughly and add a litttle oil to give a nice glaze. take a skewer and put chiecken on it place in tandoor on a medium flame and cook it for 10 to 15 minutes take it out. garnish with ginger Julien and coriander leaves. YOU CAN ALSO SERVE WITH GRAVY. in this case do not cook chicken fullly cook only till 75 %
    3. for gravy take oil in a pan add chopped tomato little onion paste and wait until it gets brown now add chicken and mix it nicely. when you see gravy is getting thicker add some lemon juice and water cook for 10 minutes and it is ready. serve with Naan or paratha. 



    Dear Shweta, i am not needful of reviews but always try to make it possible for the food lovers. i am a chef by profession and work along with some greatest chefs in London for 6 years. such as Atul Kochar. if you have any query, and think i can solve it out mail me

    Shweta Ballal

    Hello Vikram, do not get discouraged by lack of comments from readers on the recipe. Meanwhile, this is to let you know about a well deserving review from a recipe tryer, who I had routed to your recipe page when she wanted me to suggest her an indian chicken curry recipe with ginger as an ingredient in it. Well, she got back today to thank me for suggesting her your wonderful recipe, that she says, got her truck loads of praises from her family members when she cooked it for them for supper on Sunday. Keep up the good work.

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