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Paneer Biryani Cupcakes

Recipe by Aditya raj of sonebhadra, IN

Its a royal background! the quality of this mugal biriyani is just awesome

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 2 Onions, chopped
    • 2 Tomatoes, chopped
    • chillies as per taste,
    • 2 tbsp finely chopped ginger,
    • 250 g Paneer
    • 250 g Cream
    • soaked kishmish, badaam, cashewnuts and saffron.
    • Masala (garam masala, coriander powder, kashmiri mirch, chhola masala )
    • coriander leaves sugar,
    • 2 bowls of Cooked rice with ghee.
    • tomato ketchup,


    1st stage:  

    1. put some ghee in the pressure cooker
    2. add two small bowl of rice add water as per the quantity, then cook it.
    3. This does not allow the cooked rice grains to stick to each other and give nice aroma.

    2nd Stage

    1.  Take oil in a pan  and let it heat, add some jeera and tejpatta in it.
    2. Fry (just for a min or two)
    3. Add chopped onions, chilies and chopped ginger and cook till onion becomes golden brown. 
    4. After 2 mins add chopped  tomatoes and let it be cooked till the tomato is cooked properly. 
    5. Add salt(as pet taste) and a few pinchs of sugar. 
    6. Add masala and leave it till it is cooked properly.
    7. Then add chopped potato, add paneer and cream. After sometime when the potato is cooked and the cream leaves the water in it. 
    8. Add the dry fruits like cashew nuts and kishmish and badaam soaked saffron water and leave it for two minutes.
    9. Now add the cooked rice part by part with constant mixing. Leave it for 2 min on high flame. Switch off
    10. the gas regulator,  again leave for 2 min with lid. . . 
    11.  3rd stage>take a baking tray of shape of a bowl.
    12. Spread ghee on the inner surface evenly on it and sprinkle bread crumb very finely & fill it with the cooled cooked biryani in it. 
    13. Put the bowl in the oven at 90 degrees for 5 mins.
    14. Take out the baking tray let it cool and now finally invert the bowl onto a plate carefully so that the shape is perfect.
    15. Garnish it with finely grated paneer, tomato sauce and coriander leaves and lot and lots of love.