Lahsani Pulao

Garlic Flavored Rice

Recipe by Rajiv Anand of Santa Clara, US

This is one of the royal dishes prepared by chosen cooks during mughal dynasty. A very rare dish.

Ingredients non vegetarian 6 servings

    • ½ Kg Goat Meat
    • ½ Kg Basmati Rice
    • 250 gms Garlic (whole)
    • 10 gms Garam Masala
    • 60 gms Onion, sliced
    • 10 whole cardamoms
    • 2 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
    • 2 tbsp Garlic paste
    • 20 pepper corns, powdered
    • 60 gms onion paste
    • 250 gms Ghee
    • 15 whole Cloves
    • 5 gms clove powder
    • 5 Cardamom (powdered)
    • 2 pinches of Saffron (dilute in warm water)
    • Salt to taste


    1. Soak rice in water for 3 hours. Cut each Garlic into four pieces and soak in water.
    2.  rice with Garlic, cloves, Cinnamon sticks and whole black pepper just enough so that its almost cooked but still firm. About 3/4th cooked.
    3. Boil meat in onion paste, garlic paste, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, salt and garam masala.
    4. Remove meat pieces when tender and let the water reduce. This water is called Yakhni
    5. Heat ghee in a pan. Add sliced onions.
    6. When onions turns brown, add garlic and ginger paste.
    7. Continue frying and add black pepper, cardamom powder, garam masala powder, whole cardamom, and whole cloves.
    8. Add meat pieces. While the meat is frying add saffron water.
    9. Add salt and water. Simmer till water reduces.
    10. Add cooked rice on top followed by Yakhni.
    11. Cover and let rice soak up the liquids (about 15 minutes). Rice should be cooked at this point. If needed, check and adjust water to cook more on low heat.
    12. Serve by scooping meat pieces with rice. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.