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Hariyali Chicken

By: Mrs. Anjali G. Rohra of

Medium Spicy dish

Filed in Main Dishes

Serves 4 people


Half kg. chicken 4 Medium Size Onions Half bunch of Phudina (Mint Leaves) Half bunch coriander leaves Three Green Chillies Two cloves One inch cinnamon two green cardomom one tej patta 3 or 4 flakes garlic one inch ginger two teaspons dagadphool quarter teaspoon haldi powder one teaspoon lemon juice salt to taste 2 table spoon oil 1 table spoon butter


  1. Clean the chicken and boil it in one cup water.
  2. Put one teaspoon oil in kadai, heat the oil. Put tej patta , cloves, cinnamon, green cardomom,sliced onion,garlic and ginger and stir well till the color becomes golden brown.
  3. Add dagadphool. Leave it to cool.
Method to make Hariyali Gravy:
  1. Put green coriander leaves , mint leaves , green chillies and haldi powder in mixer and grind to fine paste.
  2. Add the kadai mixture to mixer and grind again.
  3. Put 1 table spoon butter in frying pan and add above Hariyali Gravy and stir it for 5 mins. on medium flame.
  4. Add boiled chicken and stir for 2 mins. on medium flame.
  5. Add chicken stock and boil it for 10 mins. on slow flame.
  6. During serving give lemon juice topping ,fresh cream.

Latest Comments

By CPD on 4/2/2007 8:44:00 AM

What exactly is dagadphool? and also can you please post a pic of this dish , so that we know how it looks like

By uffaq on 9/26/2005 10:24:00 AM

What is dagadphool?


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