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Butter naan

By: usha of dubai, AE

leavened bread baked in cooker

Filed in Roti, Paratha, Breads

Serves 6 people

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its really easy to make


  • 500 gms Maida
  • 20 gms Fresh yeast
  • 1-1/2 tsp Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Fresh curd
  • 25 gms Butter, ghee or margarine
  • 1 tsp Salt


  1. Thoroughly sieve the flour.
  2. Mix sugar and yeast in 1 teacup of warm water till the yeast gets dissolved. Cover the mixture for 5-7 minutes until froth appears in it.
  3. Pour this liquid into the mixture of flour, curd, ghee and salt. Add some warm water to make the dough soft.
  4. Knead the dough for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Wrap the dough with a wet cloth for half an hour.
  6. Again knead the dough for 1 minute.
  7. Make 20 small pieces out of the dough and shape them into naans.
  8. Smear a pressure cooker with a little amount of oil. Remove its lid and heat upside down.
  9. Apply a little quantity of water onone side of naan and attach the wet side around the inner wall of the pressure cooker. Keep it until the brownish spots appear. You can put 3 to 4 naans at a time.
  10. Take them out and apply butter.
  11. Naans are ready to serve.

Latest Comments

By Shweta Ballal on 2/19/2013 5:26:00 PM

Hello Stephanie, good day, 'curd' is 'yoghurt' in American vocabulary.

By Stephanie on 2/19/2013 8:30:00 AM

Usha, what is the ingredient 'Fresh Curd' please?

By nas on 11/19/2012 10:41:00 AM

This recipe is an excellent recipe and I used BBQ grill to make naan and the results were great...

By jean chaurasia on 11/11/2012 2:55:00 AM

Hi Usha you must be an expert at this. For the rest of us lesser mortals I suggest using a tava. Wet the surface and place the naan till it sticks, then turn it over the gas flame, first on high then lower the flame. I've seen my maid making naans this way. So give it a try.

By Capt Nitin Saxena on 6/17/2011 7:47:00 AM

The pressure cooker explained. Cooker has an open end. Put oil on the inside surface of cooker from open end. The naan is stuck to the inside wall of cooker thru open end. Next the cooker is put on gas flame with the open end on the flame. INVERTED. So the gas is heating the cooker from the open end upwards and inside. Hope this helps.

By shirin on 10/22/2010 10:58:00 AM

even i did not understand.

By Thrit on 8/27/2009 11:35:00 PM

This is great, comes out good, however I used the good ol tava. Please can you explain the cooker method again in detail, thanks

By rajkumar on 8/2/2009 7:54:00 AM

I like ur recipe, thank you


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