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Shengdana Chikki

kadalai mittai

by: rajeswari of pune, IN

it comes exactly like chikkis in 5 minutes time chikki is ready

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7/23/2010 12:51 PM by Priyanka

Chikki is made using jaggery...


5/13/2009 3:25 AM by rajeswari

thanks for ur tips Jaya.I ve also made kaju chikki and submitted but not yet published.i don't use pista as it causes stomach illness. Christy please try.u will say its easy to make and crispy but keep on low flame when sugar melts.


5/12/2009 8:49 PM by Jaya

hi rajeshwari i usually make these chikkis for diwali festival along with other sweets not only peanut chikki but also seasame seeds and dry fruit chikkis i.e. pista badam and kaju but i add few drops of lime when the sugar is being done it gives a little shine to the chikki


5/12/2009 3:34 AM by christy gerald

i will try this one this weekend.thanks Rajeshwari!.


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