Makkai ki roti

corn flour chappatis

Recipe by usha of dubai, AE

very nutritious

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 150 gms cornmeal
    • 300 ml water
    • 3 tbsp vegetable oil
    • 150 gms wheat flour
    • 2 green chillis finely chopped
    • 1 tsp each salt and sugar
    • oil for rolling and oil for chappatis



    1. Boil water in a sauce pan ,add 1tbsp oil to it. remove from heat and add cornmeal slowly and mix continuously to avoid forming lumps. cover and cook on low heat for 2 minutes .add 2tbsp oil and leave to cool.
    2. when its cool,add green chillis ,salt and sugar and mix well.
    3. Now add chapati flour and mix well making a semi solid dough using water if necessary.
    4. Divide the dough into 16 equal pices.spread some oil on the rolling surface and also on the rolling pin.
    5. Dip one ball in oil and roll it to 2mm thickness.
    6. Fry each roti on a hot griddle using oil on both sides till they are golden brown.
    7. Serve hot with sarson ka saag