how can i keep cilantro & curry leaves fresh for long time?

hi i leave in jamaica and over here i get cilantro very pls tell me how to keep cilantro fresh bcz i tried a lot but it dries off

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1st of al you cut the root of cilantro .. take tissue paper and keep cilantro in dat roll for a hour.. when it completely absorbs water throw the tissue and roll cilantro in fresh tissue and keep it in plastic bag and refrigerate.. iam using same it helps..

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To keep curry leaves longer you can wash the sprigs, tie with a piece of string and hand it upside down, it remains green for long. As for cilantro/dhania, you can just wrap it in a damp napkin and keep it in the vegetable box in the fridge, keep the cloth damp after 2/3 days, also do not wash the cilantro/dhania, only take out how much you need and then wash and chop it. Another method is to put a whole egg in a plastic box (the icecream containers are ideal) and then put the coriander over it, make sure not to crack or break the egg, cover and keep in the fridge, this stays fresh for almost a week or more. Hope you can try these with some success.

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meera ganesh

For curry leaves remove it from the thin a plastic box put a piece of paper inside then put the curry leaves inside and cover with lid, keep it in the fridge, the newspaper will absorb the excess moisture and it will be fresh for a weeks.

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Hi Neelam ! You can wrap cilantro in news paper---cover nicely and then put it in a transperent polythin bag.That bag you keep it in the vegetable tray of the fridge.Remains fresh for long time.same you can do with green chillies and any leafy vegetable.

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Maybe you can plant the cilantro in a pot if it has some roots. You'd need to look up planting instructions. Otherwise,it can last for some days in a nylon mesh bag in the vegetable compartment of the fridge. Curry leaves can be used in dried form as well -- they still give a fragrance and flavour when heated in oil.

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Thanks for giving me an opportunity to respond. It's easier to look into videos and understand about things than struggling to envisage them through written words. So, please, look into the links by copy/pasting them to get answers for your queries [1] [2] [3] The explanation in third link, I think, is in telugu language. But, don't worry, the subtitles will tell you to what to do. You have a good day.

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