can anyone tell me how to remove pigmentation from face skin without using chemical peels. My face skin is getting dark. Please let me know quik. Thank you.

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(4 answers) | Asked by Vijay Reddy | 13 year, 4 months ago



apply aloevera paste on face ,leave it for 3min.wash with cold water.

11 year, 5 months ago


hi a simple and a very easy way is lemon juice and honey in equal quantities.apply and leave for 20 mts wash.pat dry .try this daily forfew days.try ur luck.

13 year, 3 months ago


Make a paste of red sandalwood powder and adequate honey . Apply all over the face , leave for 30 mts and wash off . Over a period of time the darkened areas will lighten . You can also visit this site it may help you .

13 year, 3 months ago


hi vijay,i think you should try to apply tumeric plus honey plus rose water...apply this paste and see the results

13 year, 3 months ago

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