can anyone tell me how to remove pigmentation from face skin without using chemical peels. My face skin is getting dark. Please let me know quik. Thank you.

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(2 answers) | Asked by Vijay Reddy | 13 year, 4 months ago



apply barley flour on ur face for 20 minutes.

13 year, 3 months ago


Hi Vijay, I think u must try wearing a good sunscreen lotion with high SPF every time u step out of ur house especially during the day. Masage your skin with a mixture of wheat flour,little haldi, little honey, chana aata(if u dont have dry skin),before bath should also hopefully help. however i cant promise u if this will surely help...though i feel there is no harn in trying as its chemical free. Good Luck!

13 year, 3 months ago

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